IT Solutions & Services

Integrated IT solutions & services

METIS network offers integrated IT solutions & tools for technical publications and product information based on international standards with the following features:

  1. Tools for authors, illustrators and logistics departments
  2. Interfaces for CAx departments
  3. System vendor and system integrator for Integrated Technical-Logistic Systems (ITLS) and for Integrated Technical Service Information Systems (ISIS)
  4. System consultancy and system integration (incl. requirements engineering from customer perspective)
  5. Logistic Support Data Centers (LSDC) for Integrated Technical-Logistic Systems (ITLS)
  6. In-Service-Support (ISS) for end customers of ITLS
  7. Technical Logistic Support (TLS) as part of In-Service-Support (ISS)
  8. Maintenance Service Provider (MSP) and Single Point of Contact (SPoC) for international software vendors (e.g. PTC)
  9. Service vendor for MRO companies and operators (airlines, air forces, navies)

The product portfolio supports internationally established standards for Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP) and Integrated Material Management such as ASD S1000D®, ATA iSpec 2200, ASD S2000M or iETD-ExportStandard, which are supported by common products through an appropriate configuration.

All products are scalable and can be used at major enterprises as well as at small and medium-sized companies or as stand-alone solutions. The ability to integrate existing applications and information resources assures investments and enhances the range of applications for company-wide all-in solutions.

METIS network serves as the global general distributor of the product portfolio of HiCo-ICS GmbH. For detailed information about the software products please visit or click here.