Who we are

METIS network

Corporate purpose and mission statement

METIS network is a leading company for IT solutions and services in the areas Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), Logistic Support Analysis (LSA), technical documentation and integrated service information systems.

In greek mythology, Metis refers to "a wise advice" and in philosophy stands for the "practical, complex, implicit knowledge" and "ingenuity".

As a company, METIS network stands for this practical and complex knowledge in the way of collective competences and merged expertise. METIS network is represented through the companies of the competence network.


The qualifications of METIS network in consulting and management, together with expert knowledge lead to innovative and comprehensive solutions for the sustainable success of our customers:

Merged Expertise Turns Into Success

The service and product portfolio of METIS network addresses companies with complex publication requirements like the civil and military automotive, aviation and ship building industry as well as companies from the area of renewable energies.